Hi, I am Mehr. I am nine years old. I live in India. My mom is helping me on this blog because I cant type fast and I am still learning computers. I dont have it at school yet but I know a lot about it already. It takes me one whole day to write a paragraph now, but i will soon catch up. My computer corrects my grammar. That is so cool. My mom hates any red mark in my school books. She says she will remove spellcheck so I can work on my spellings too this way.

This picture is from the Universal Studios Hong Kong, it was my first time there and I enjoyed it a lot. I will keep puttingย every interesting thing I do here. I like becoming famous and my mom says if i write things here everyone on the planet can read it. Unlike few of my friends who write about their day in their diaries, I wanted to start something which is more colourful and easy to write on. My mom helped me set up this account at WordPress and I am loving it. Since I spend more quieter than vocal hours in a day, I think blogging is more my thing.

I love space and everything about it, I read encyclopedias. I want to be a space scientist some day but never an astronaut. I am scared the space shuttle will explode midway. I will be happy if ISRO or NASA gives me a job someday. I am also taking part in backyard world. We look for planets through computer. My father says its like attaching a telescope to your computer. If i study hard this year my father has promised he will buy me a telescope of my own.ย 

I also love to travel. My parents and I do domestic as well as international travels every year. In fact, atleast thrice a year. It’s a reward for performing well in school. I would love to blog about the countries I visit and keep everyone updated.